Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Every Farm Girl Needs

...a Ginny. Well, they can't all have a Ginny but a farm dog. Ginny is my side-kick when I'm doing my *chicken stuff.* She patiently waits in our little diesel-powered farm vehicle while I let out the chickens, haul hay to the goats, cows, and horse, and she runs along side me when I go to collect eggs and puts the chickens to bed. It's funny to think that I really didn't want her. When we moved here, I had a house cat, Dixie, but hubby really, really wanted a dog. Early in our marriage, we had 2 dogs. But then the children came along and it was like having 4 babies and was a bit overwhelming for me. In addition, the dogs destroyed our back yard and really annoyed one of our senior citizen neighbors when their barking woke her before 7 am. So, having another dog was not high on my list. Ginny was a bit of a challenge as a puppy - she chewed everything she could sink her needle sharp teeth into. But one day she appeared on the front porch, one of her paws a bloody mess. The vet put several stitches in her pad and told me I had to keep her in the house until it healed. That was when our bonding began and now I cannot imagine farm life without her.

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