Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Every Effort Helps

This morning I before I headed out for my appointment, I briefly investigated the blogs I frequent. Lisa over on Retro Housewife Goes Green ( discussed her frustration with trying to recycle CFL bulbs. She said Home Depot takes the spent bulbs but Lowes does not. A letter from corporate explained to her all the ways in which Lowes tries to be environmentally friendly; however, they didn't address the recycling issue. I'm going to follow her lead and email them, requesting they go one step further. I'm recommending my readers do the same. Contact Lowes at


Homeopath said...

Just found your blog. Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for helping out! I hope this spreads and we can show Lowes the need to take back some of the CFL's they sell! :)