Monday, February 16, 2009

More Web Sites

Today I want to share with you two web sites that cover health care. Both and have information that you won't find on mainstream health sites. I don't always agree with the content of these sites, but they make me question a lot of what I find in the media. The Health Ranger, as the owner of calls himself, is the one who alerted me to the fact that the so-called stimulus bill that just passed in Congress contains a provision for mandatory health care reporting to the government. By the year 2014 it is mandated that our health records be put into a government database. If you dig into the approximately 1400 page bill, you will find these provisions. Yes, these provisions will provide millions to the companies that compile and maintain these databases, but what about our privacy rights? We all know how good the government is at keeping track of records. Further, doctors will be required to comply with certain protocols or face penalties. I wonder how this will affect those of us who use alternative or holistic practitioners?

Both Natural News and Dr. Mercola offer weekly newsletters by email. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in digging beyond what mainstream media and big pharma are telling us.

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