Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogs and Bookmarks

Recently I spent some time cleaning up files, bookmarks, etc. on my computer. As I was sifting through various bookmarks, my daughter walked by and exclaimed, "You have to SCROLL DOWN your bookmarks? I have, like, 2." I explained that I bookmarked any site that I found that looked interesting and that I was in the process of eliminating those that I didn't visit. She then mentioned that I could create folders to make it a bit more tidy. That was when I proudly showed her all my nicely organized folders. More shock. "You have a FOLDER for feral cats?!" Well, yes, feral cats are people too and need someone to care for them. And I explained how I planned on some day helping said cats. "But an entire FOLDER for them," she came back. I wanted to tell her that she only has 2 bookmarks because she has a young brain and can remember all the sites she needs to visit, and that when she's my age she'll have numerous folders too, but I didn't. I mumbled something about having diverse interests and quickly let it go. Which brings me to my point - I hope to feature some of these said sites, especially blogs, in future posts. There are some amazing blogs out there.


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