Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do the Right Thing

Our church is starting a new Wed. night program. We’ve gotten fliers in the mail, notices in our email, and the pastor even spent a good deal of time talking about it the last two Sundays. The new program focuses on fellowship and involves a group meal and individual sessions for children and teens, and bible study for adults. The pastor also stressed how many volunteers would be required to keep this program going. As I sat there listening, I started to feel guilty because I just wasn’t that excited about it. It would mean driving into town in the evening (we live at least 15 miles from the church), not eating a meal (I’m a vegetarian), and delaying putting my chickens to bed at night, risking a potential predator attack. I know bible study is important but I’m just not good at it. Once I get past the red letters in the bible (what Jesus said), I feel everything has been covered. Jesus summed up the most important commandment: Love God and love one another. I kind of feel that is enough to live my life. A few months ago, I discovered a pastor who blogged. In one of his entries, he said people do too much bible study! This from a pastor?! (Sadly, this pastor stopped blogging soon after I discovered him or I would put in a link.) Even though I found myself agreeing with him, I sat in church feeling guilty about not participating in the Wed. night program.

Fast forward to this morning. I’m reading my email and open one from a friend who is a social worker. Her email requested help for a family she is counseling. The grandmother owns one pair of shoes that are falling apart, and she has tried to keep them together with a needle and thread. My friend asked for used shoes if anyone wears that particular size. Further, the school the children attend is in a low income area and short on resources. There is a desperate need for tutors as well. Bingo, I thought. This resonates with me - I’m fortunate to be in a position to help in one or more ways - and I believe this is what Jesus expects his followers to do, or at least this one. Now, rather than feeling guilty about not helping with the Wed. night program, I feel blessed that I can do some small part to help some of God’s children.

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