Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wardrobe Redo

I've been living in this *frozen north* for several years now but I haven't gotten the hang of dressing appropriately for the winter. Either I look like the Michelin man or I'm freezing. I have plenty of long-sleeved T-shirts and a variety of coats; it's the in between layers that I lack. My mother gifted the whole family with down vests a few years ago but I rarely wear mine - it just doesn't look chic. They're fine for doing my *chicken stuff* but not for around the house or running into town. In addition, I have a hard time finding clothing in the local stores. Not to sound ugly, but I just don't consider Carhartt a designer label. So this morning I've been on the internet searching store sales for cardigans. I've found a few items and even got the free shipping codes but have hard time hitting the purchase button. I do need to do something, though, and will probably end up with a few purchases today. This experience has taught me that fashion is very time consuming - I've spend most of the morning on this quest. Oh, for summer days of linen dressess and flip flops!

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