Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yoga with a Goat

I think I can say that I am the only person in the US who did yoga with a goat this morning. Yes, I still have my little guy in the house with me. I've been bottle feeding him cow's milk and hand feeding him soft bread in an attempt to fatten him up and help him build some strength. I try to let him roam around the family room for short periods of time (with a diaper on, of course) and this morning that coincided with my regular yoga routine. He parked himself under the coffee table next to my yoga mat and watched me do my thing.

I'm trying to stick with my limited shopping pledge but I did go over a bit yesterday. I attended a cooking class at Earth Fare in Greensboro, a health food store that is part of a regional chain, and loved one of the dishes - braised kale. I had a couple of staples I needed to pick up so I picked up some kale as well because I wanted my husband to sample the dish. My expenses for the staples were a bit high, but that is because I try to buy organic, or at least as close to nature as possible, and I buy in bulk. I picked up a large bottle of organic olive oil and bought some China black tea leaves from the bulk bins. I can do without a lot of foods but I cannot live without my iced tea! I will drink iced tea in a blizzard! But I must brag that while in the checkout line I carefully avoided eye-contact with all the yummy magazines they carry at Earth Fare - most of which I cannot find around home. So, other than the kale, I only bought necessities. Today I plan to stay home and do chores, so my expenses will be zero.

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