Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Praise of the iPod

For Christmas, I bought myself an iPod Nano. I have put off buying any new gadgets for quite some time but I started to feel that I was behind the times and missing out on something. My son and husband both have iPods. My daughter used her Christmas and birthdCheck Spellingay money to purchase an iPod Touch. Then during a yoga session a friend said she had gotten an iPod Nano as a gift and was telling me all about it. So I HAD to have one. It has turned out to be a wonderful tool for me. In addition to putting my music collection in one place, I get audio books from the library and load them onto my computer - a very simple procedure - then upload to the Nano. I've discovered that iTunes has tons of free podcasts that you can download - both audio and video. I was skeptical of the tiny screen on the Nano but it's actually quite viewable. I've found several sources for yoga routines which will come in handy when out of town.

One of the great things about using the iPod is that I cannot just sit still and listen; I have to be doing something. It's been a great motivator for both housework and farm chores. Since we live so far from civilization, I do a lot of driving. And now I bring my handy dandy Nano with me. It really helps pass the time; in fact, I look forward to long trips where I can really get into one of the books I've loaded onto the Nano.

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