Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day

This morning I woke to beautiful blue skies - so nice after a week of grey skies. I would like to complain about the cold, but I'm counting my blessings. It sure made doing my *chicken stuff* a lot easier. Pugsley continues to live in the house. He is getting stronger by the day and I look forward to when he can climb out of his cage at night. Then I can put him in the barn and reintroduce him to the herd. I'll still be bottle feeding until he's 3 months old but his (and my) life will be more natural.

I didn't do any shopping yesterday and continued using what I had on hand to make meals. Last night I discovered I had the ingredients to make a nice vegetarian stroganoff for myself and French toast for my daughter - hubby was out of town - I'll have leftovers to eat tonight. My son shot a deer last month so I have some venison in the freezer. I'm thinking about thawing out some of the ground meat and making something with it. I've never cooked venison before and am open to recommendations.

On a political note, I called my senators this morning regarding the economic stimulus package they'll be voting on. Being a Ron Paul-ite, I told the senators that if they were truly interested in getting extra money into taxpayer's pockets and into the economy, I recommended a moratorium on income tax. That would cut out all the red tape and pork barrel spending. But maybe that's what they want.

Have a peaceful day.

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