Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Beginning

Ok, here I go...I'm a blogger now. Please bear with me as I am hunting and pecking - not my usual way to keyboard - because I broke my finger (a hairline fracture) just before Thanksgiving and ignored it until Christmas.

Background - I'm a born and raised So Cal girl who moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida as a young adult and never looked back. There I met the loves of my life - my husband and Florida. We have 2 children that we homeschooled for several years (I had to expell my son from homeschool for his high school years for a variety of reasons). My daughter will finish homeschooling this year. Six years ago, I gave in to my husband's homesickness and we relocated to rural Virginia. Needless to say, it has been an adjustment.

Today I woke up to face 3 degee weather. This is a record for me - I have NEVER experienced this kind of cold. I was ready to cry *uncle* but was informed that is also unacceptably cold in Florida too.

In later posts, I'll fill you in on life in the boonies.


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