Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Week

Today began with my usual house chores - feeding the dogs and cats, and of course the house goat. I was able to get my yoga session in before heading to town to pick up a few farm supplies. Most mornings I do my yoga with a program I discovered on satellite TV's FitTV a few months ago - Namaste Yoga. It's a 30 minute program so it's just right for hectic mornings. The program starts with a quick warm up, goes to commercial break (which gives me time to start a load of laundry), takes you through a flowing series of poses, goes to another commercial break, then ends with the same quick cool down. Perfect for me and my schedule. I almost never have an excuse for not doing yoga. In addition, at least one day a week I go into town to meet friends at a church where we do about an hour of yoga to a DVD. Since I began doing yoga again on a regular schedule (over a year now), I rarely have any aches and pains that I used to associate with getting older. I highly recommend yoga to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Yoga can be adapted to a variety of physical needs and even improves on health.

I continue to feed my little house goat, Pugsley, and look for every sign of progress. He seems to be getting a little more strength every day so I'm hopeful that I can return him to the barn in a week or so.


Deanna said...

What time is that on? I love yoga but rarely do it.

Cherie said...

It comes one one or two times a day. I watch it at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. As I said, it's quick and hard to find an excuse not to do it!