Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buy Nothing Challenge

Deanna over at http://teawithdee.blogspot.com blogged about buying nothing, or at least as little as possible, in order to save money and use what we already have in our pantries and freezers. I've decided to try participating in this, in my own way, starting today. I had to make a trip to town this afternoon and already had a shopping list. In light of this challenge, I did a bit of editing. I decided not to buy the lipstick that I thought I *needed* - I do have a shade that I like and still has some life in it - and I skipped a few convenience items at the grocery store, focusing on a few fresh items from the produce section and a couple of baking staples. My plan is to continue this mindset for the rest of the month, *shopping* my freezer and pantry and cooking from scratch.


Deanna said...

Glad to see you joining in on my little challenge!

Wisely Woven {Creative Media} said...

Hi Cherie! This is Jason from Sustainable Traditions. Just wanted to also share these links:



-J Fowler

Cherie said...

Jason - thanks for the links. I'll check them out.