Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Day of Doctoring

I spent a good deal of time today just *doctoring* - me and the animals. I drove to Greensboro, our nearest city of any size, for a checkup with my wonderful integrative/holistic M.D. She believes in using vitamins and supplements before using prescription drugs. And she keeps up-to-date on the latest alternative research. I had her look at my finger and got the all-clear to remove the splint from my broken finger - yay, I can stop hunting and pecking! Normally, I would linger in the *big city,* run a few errands and do some shopping. But between the no-shopping challenge and my house goat, I couldn't stay. I hurried home to make sure my baby goat got his lunchtime bottle. I also started feeding him a little bit of bread - he isn't able to chew his hay yet. Other animal care included tending my bagel's (beagle-bassethound mix) infected ears and feeding Pepto to one of our mature goats. It's always something...

In keeping with my no-shopping (or very little shopping) challenge, I only purchased a couple of items today - the Pepto for the goat and a comb for my daughter's science experiment. I'm not sure what the comb was for. I was supposed to cook ratatouille last night but the vegetables had not thawed. Instead, I cooked some rice and garbanzo beans with a little salsa stirred in. All the ingredients came from our pantry and the salsa was homemade that I canned over the summer. I'll make the ratatouille tonight.

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