Friday, March 23, 2012


With the coming of spring (plus an extremely mild winter), I've turned my attention to our much-neglected flowerbeds around our house.  My plan is to grow some flowers and herbs in some bare areas, in addition to sprucing up the already established areas.  About a week ago I noticed a couple of extremely healthy weeds in a beautiful shade of green that were growing in a corner and made a mental note to pull them up at some point.  However, this morning when I was discussing our plans with my husband, I got a good look at the weeds.  This is what I found:

Two beautiful heads of lettuce!  Last spring I planted some lettuce in containers on my back deck.  It was a dismal failure.  Now I'm thinking of scattering more lettuce seed along the back side of this flowerbed and see what happens.

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EcoGrrl said...

excellent! i had a couple volunteer grape tomatoes randomly show up last year - awesome huh :)