Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are We Really Experiencing Life?

Louis CK talks about Twitter, I-phones, and how we experience life events.  Don't worry, the audio is in English.  (Warning - strong language ahead.)

Watching this resonated with me as I recently posted about being overwhelmed with all that is available to us via the internet.  As Louis CK said, "You shouldn't just do everything that is available to do."


EcoGrrl said...

Amen!! :) I was amazed at the flak I got when I left facebook last year. The final straw? Someone who I thought was a close friend freaked out on me because I didn't respond to her comment quickly enough, on the week my grandmother passed. Ugh.

Cherie said...

EcoGrrl, I'm still on facebook but am rethinking how I use it. It is so easy to misinterpret people on that site - and I myself am guilty of it.

Deanna said...

That was great! I know I'm guilty of spending too much time online. It's rather addictive.