Monday, March 12, 2012

Shampoo and Other Products

Hair care 3
A recent article in Mother Jones has reinforced my commitment to reducing and/or eliminating the toxins I am exposed to through personal care products.  Just look at the ingredients label on any personal care product and you will see a multitude of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients - chemicals that are often known carcinogens.  Who wants carcinogens on their bodies?  What is even scarier, though, is the fact that a new study has revealed that many of the chemicals contained in these products aren't even listed on the labels!  This revelation has reinforced my commitment to either make my own products using safer ingredients or purchase from smaller companies and Etsy vendors who are committed to health and wellness.    Go here to read the Mother Jones article.


EcoGrrl said...

Timing couldn't be better- yesterday I bought my first shampoo bar made right here in town. I'd been buying organic shampoo in the bulk aisle but am excited to up the ante to an even purer source +month eliminate my old plastic bottle I'd been refilling for years :-)

Cherie said...

EcoGrrl, you are so fortunate to have great local sources for things like shampoo bars! I made the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars (that I have to buy online) last year and love them. It feels so good to have a shower free of any plastic bottles - and to not have to send them to "recycling" or landfill.