Monday, March 26, 2012

Farm Notes

Over the weekend we had a huge storm that gave us 3 inches of rain and a bit of hail.  Northwest of us, they had so much hail that it looked like it had snowed.  At one point, the clouds seemed to be working towards a circular pattern - very frightening.  Despite the potential danger, I thought the sky was so amazing that I took some photos.  Unfortunately, my camera (and skills) do it little justice:
It was interesting that the animals were not at all concerned about the approaching storm.  Only when it was pouring down rain and hail did they decide it was a good idea to get into the barn.  Just before the storm hit, my husband and I saw that two of the newborn goats were sleeping by themselves, far from the rest of the goats.  He was able to get rescue them and reunite them with the rest of the herd before the rain came.


Adrienne Shubin said...

What a beautiful farm you have.
That is one threatening looking sky! So glad your husband rescued the babies.

EcoGrrl said...

Gorgeous shots!!

Cherie said...

Thank you Adrienne and EcoGrrl for the sweet comments! My plan is to share more about our farm in the near future.