Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday on the Farm

Random farm photo - our vineyard before the leaves came in
My plan is to feature something from the farm every Friday (that is, if my last grad school class doesn't interfere).  We've been having internet issues - which should be resolved today - so my plan to give a photographic farm tour has to be delayed a bit as photos take forever to load.

This year, with my husband newly retired from his first career, we've embarked upon a new venture:  a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.  This is the same type of program that some people call "farm shares" where individuals partner with the farmer by buying a share of produce during the growing season.  CSA members get a box or bag of farm products delivered to them once a week.  Our CSA is very small this year - so as to not set ourselves up for failure - but we've started earlier than most in our area.  The reason is that we have something most CSAs in our area don't have:  asparagus!  

Wednesday was a busy day on the farm.  Bill and I tended and expanded the much neglected flowerbeds around our house by removing weeds and putting down mulch.  One area, where I found the volunteer lettuce, we only put down a mixture of top soil and organic potting mix, then seeded with two types of lettuce.  We're hoping to use it as ground cover and edible landscaping this year.  I had planned on putting in flower bulbs and perennials in that space but I'll either find a new place or wait until next year.

Once again we have bees on our farm.  We lost our bees a couple of seasons ago due to various reasons and the replacement hives didn't work out.  So, if all goes as planned, we'll again be able to have our own honey - and sell some as well.

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Deanna said...

I wish I lived close enough to participate in your CSA. Good luck!