Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sustainable Living 19

I know this doesn't look like much.  In fact, you may ask "What is it and what does it have to do with sustainable living?"  Over the course of the last couple of years, I have been taking reusable bags to grocery and other stores.  Therefore, my supply of plastic shopping bags has pretty much dried up.  While that is a good thing, the problem for me is that sometimes I need plastic bags for things, mainly to line my small trashcans and to dispose of things like scooped kitty litter.  What you're looking at is a variety of plastic bags that come from a number of sources.  I save frozen food bags, pet food bags, paper towel wrappers - really any type of bag that can be used just one more time.  Although the plastic ultimately goes to the landfill, I do feel better that I get one last use out of the bags before they go.  That is somewhat better than sending these empty bags to landfill and then going out and buying more bags for kitty litter disposal or for any messy waste that cannot be composted.   

I do strive to buy more and more from bulk bins, but find it almost impossible to eliminate these types of bags altogether.  It is a small task but, as the cliche goes, every little bit helps. 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The other part is that once summer is here, in my area we have a wonderful, local farmers market that is (mostly) organic/ pesticide free + I can but fresh, not frozen goodies, thus eliminating those bags!

Deanna said...

I save bags from food items to reuse instead of buying ziploc baggies. I haven't bought any in probably 4 or 5 years. And while I always remember to bring my reusable bags, the guys don't so we still get a few now and then. As you say, occasionally a plastic bag comes in handy. Last night, for instance, David put plastic grocery bags on the dog's feet before taking him out in the rainy, muddy mess that was our yard at the time.