Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sustainable Living 7

A couple of weeks ago I set about making a batch of homemade lotion.  I found a recipe for "Easy Beeswax Lotion," gathered the materials, and set about making the lotion.  I have to report that it was a semi-fail.  The end product was too thick and greasy (too much olive oil), and I used wrong kind of jar so it's difficult to scoop out.  But I'm not giving up, my plan is to remelt the lotion and add some grapeseed oil to liquefy it somewhat and to reduce the greasiness.  I will also put it in a more accessible container. 

If the re-do works, making my own lotion will be more sustainable as there will be less packaging and no chemicals involved.  The beeswax comes from our local bee supply store just as you see it, no wrapping whatsoever.  The olive oil and coconut oils are products I already purchase for cooking and I already had the lavender essential oil that I used for fragrance.  I did have to purchase some vitamin E in capsules but the bottle should last me a very long time.  (However, I wonder how necessary this ingredient is).  When I get around to fixing my fail, I'll report on the results.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

My pot of wallpaper paste (AKA rice milk fail) went to the compost heap. Monk has put on a few pounds so I decided not to give him any more rice ball treats.

Cherie said...

Sorry Monk is missing out on his yummy treats but he does need to watch his weight. :)