Saturday, January 7, 2012


On Thursday, my daughter and I decided to give our scarecrow, Georgia, a much needed and much deserved makeover.  For several months, Georgia had been rocking a 70s short-sleeved denim jumper, macrame bag, and felt purple hat.  But given the season and the fact that she was looking a little too shabby, we went shopping.

We ended up dressing her in a satin orange gown with a beaded neckline, a modified black stretch lace top to cover her awkward shoulders, a black tasseled velvet evening bag, and a black hat with assorted coordinating ribbons.  And voilĂ :
As you can see, Georgia is now ready to make the rounds at all the krewe parties for Gasparilla and Mardi Gras - all along the Gulf Coast, from Tampa to Mobile to New Orleans.  (Our black lab Ginny is thinking about joining her in the festivities.)

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