Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sustainable Living 5

One thing I do on a daily basis to live more sustainably is to use cloth napkins.  Whenever we use cloth napkins, that means we aren't using paper napkins - paper napkins that come wrapped in a plastic wrapper.  Typically, I use cloth napkins at dinner and still use paper napkins for breakfast and lunch.  I need to get better about using cloth napkins at every meal. One thing that keeps me from making this a habit at every meal is the need to iron the napkins after they've been laundered.  I'm going to work on fitting ironing into my regular schedule so that I can all but eliminate the need for paper napkins.


Deb said...

I keep my cloth napkins in the silverware drawer so they are easy to grab, and we do reuse them if they aren't too soiled. I think it makes so much sense!
I must admit I don't always iron them though, sometimes just a smooth over with my hand..

Deanna said...

I have several fingertip towels which I use as napkins. I also have other nice ones that need to be ironed but the little towels don't and make perfect family napkins.

Cherie said...

Deb, I have had times when I didn't iron them, but I like them so much better when I do - plus when I have company I feel they might judge me. ;) I have tried reusing when they're essentially clean but I need to get my husband into this routine.

Deanna, I like the idea of the fingertip towels and not having to iron them. I need to look into adding some to my collection and using them for breakfast and lunch. It would eliminate some of the extra work and the disposable napkins.

Olivia@ fingertip towels said...

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