Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sustainable Living 4

Woman Shpping
Continuing with documenting the ways I try to live a sustainable life, I want to emphasize the need to stay out of stores.  During my no shopping challenge last year, I only went to the store when I knew I needed something; I never went to just "browse."  Browsing leads to desire for things you don't need - and really don't want - all because you are suddenly aware of these new things.  And the desire and purchase of said items adds to the waste stream.  

On a recent outing to Target to purchase some necessities, I found myself drawn to all sorts of bobbles and began mentally justifying purchasing those items.  All those shiny new items seemed to call to me from the shelves.  I could have easily filled my cart with things I didn't need, that were probably made overseas by individuals in virtual bondage, using our precious resources, and that would just contribute our already toxic world via the chemicals in the manufacturing process, and would ultimately go to our already clogged landfills.  

One might argue that the products already exist and, therefore, my decision to not purchase would not change anything.  However, by refusing to buy frivolous items means those items end up on clearance, meaning the store would not realize the expected profits and would not order as much the next season.  Remember supply and demand?  If we don't demand as much, the manufacturers and stores won't supply as much.  So, one of the most important steps in living a sustainable life is to avoid recreational window shopping.  Looking leads to buying.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

My impulse buy yesterday was an avocado for $2.49. Periodically I go out for a mid-week lunch at this little organic grocery/ sandwich place a couple doors down from my work. The sandwiches are gooooood (I got a vegan one in keeping with the new cheeseless weekday challenge), but I need a little extra + chips don't sit well with my anymore so the avos were calling out to me.

Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are stores I need to stay out of- I can justify just about anything there.