Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sustainable Living 2

Another area where I felt I was lacking in sustainability was with my shampoo.  Between the chemicals in the shampoo and the plastic bottle (and cap), I knew I had room for improvement.  As with laundry detergent, I tried to buy ecologically friendly shampoos to at least reduce some of the chemicals.  However, the bottle issue still bothered me.  Although the bottles can usually be recycled, that's not good enough for me.  

A few years ago a friend mentioned that she used shampoo bars and so I ordered from the company she recommended.  The shipping was expensive so I ordered several bars that lasted quite a while.  When my last bar was almost gone, I looked up the web site to order more and found that the online store had closed.  My research had revealed that Lush made shampoo bars.  Unfortunately, they don't have a store near us and the shipping can be expensive.  Again, I used up my Lush shampoo bars and started looking for a new source.  Thus, I stumbled upon Chagrin Valley where they ship the bars in a $5 flat-fee envelope and say they can get as many as seven bars in a package!  So, I ordered from them and this is what arrived:
[sorry about the poor quality photo]
They arrived packaged in paper bags, so no plastic bottles or bags.  These bars are a good size - about 3 x 3 1/2 inches - so I'm going to cut them in half for use.  I ordered three different types of bars to get an idea which I like best and then will order more of my favorite once they're all gone or perhaps try a new variety.  Although I was pleased with the Lush bars, I like the idea of ordering from a small company rather than a major corporation.  However, it might be a while before I need to place another order.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I did the no-poo method until I grew my hair out (for some reason it just does not work on long hair). Over the past 5 months I have cut 18" of hair (in 3 stages, the first being 14" for Locks of Love) so with about 1 weeks worth of shampoo left, I'll go back to no-poo. I've also decided to spend the extra buck-fiddy + buy the Braggs apple cider vinegar in a glass bottle. My hair is worth it!

But all that being said, please post a review of your shampoo bars after you give them a go.

Deanna said...

I've done a modified no-poo and it works once I get used to it. But then I end up using shampoo again for one reason or another. I'm currently alternating between an organic shampoo and a shampoo bar. When the bottle is gone I plan to stick to the bar. This is the one I have: