Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frustrated Trying to Be Green

Today I went to the grocery store to do some routine shopping and actually remembered to bring my reusuable bags into the store. I have several types of canvas ones and a really cool insulated shoulder bag to keep my cold or frozen items in. As I was checking out, I started filling my insulated bag with frozen food until the bagger came over. Then I focused on other things, like using my *valued customer* card to get the *special* prices and actually paying for my purchases. I happened to glance over at the bagger and he was putting my food into a PLASTIC BAG! Nooooooo! I wanted to shout. I pointed out that I had a reusable bag and he said, "Oh, I thought that was your pocket book." So, as he started putting items into the insulated bag, I pointed out that I had other canvas bags for the rest of the groceries. I didn't pay any more attention until I started wheeling the cart to the parking lot. He had put the rest of the groceries in another plastic bag! And one of the items was a frozen item, best suited for the insulated bag. I almost screamed in frustration, especially when the plastic bag RIPPED as I was putting it in my truck. And this is a store that proudly displays reusable bags with their logo printed on the side.

My green tip for the day is, keep reusable bags in your vehicle, bring them into the store with you, and keep an eye on those sneaky baggers...I think they must have a quota or something.

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Lisa Sharp said...

This is why I almost always just feel the bags myself.

We shop once a month and one trip is to a health food store and they do fine so I let them bag it (they don't have plastic yay!) and rare trips to Whole Foods they do fine of course but when we go to Super Target I just bag the stuff. My husband deals with getting things out of the cart and money and I just stand at the end and bag everything.

Twice now though someone at Target (I think the same girl) has thanked me for bring my own bags. That's a great feeling! :)