Monday, March 30, 2009

Farm Animals and Houses

I know many friends and blog readers were surprised by some of my posts last month when I revealed that there was a goat living in my house. That's nothing compared to this: I don't think you'll ever see anything like that on my blog...well, around here, I guess you never know....never say never.


Lisa Sharp said...

My g-parents have a horse that likes to get on there porch and eat cat food (or once bird food). Yes cat food with meat haha.

He put holes in the steps so they just got rid of the nice wood ones and have concrete ones now. The horse even once set the porch on fire by kicking over the BBQ grill!

Cherie said...

How funny! We only get the chickens on the porch, although the horse does like to eat dog food.

Mamasong said...

That's a hoot! The Pioneer Woman cracks me up, I stumbled on her blog last month and find no end of giggles there!