Monday, March 30, 2009

New Internet Service

We've had satellite internet for two years now. While it was light years ahead of the dial up it replaced, it did have some drawbacks. It was affected by weather. We were allowed only so much bandwidth which meant were were always in violation of the company's "abuse policy" which meant they would cut back our usage, slowing down the internet to a crawl. It wasn't as fast as cable or DSL. We had no choice - out in the country our phone equipment is antiquated and we don't have the infrastructure for cable. But now we have 3G cell phone technology available. It's much faster than satellite without the drawbacks. Later this year, we will probably be eliminating our satellite TV as between the internet and Netflix, we will have all the entertainment we need. We can now stream movies - not a good option with the old satellite service. And I can get the news, when my news fast is over, via the internet. Another plus is that I don't have a million cords and pieces of equipment cluttering my small desk. Do I sound like a happy camper?

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