Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiet Time

Last night hubby and I participated in Earth Hour, joining millions of others around the globe to bring awareness to global climate change. Our hour was pretty uneventful: We took a walk on our farm, to put up our chickens and then to get our mail (our driveway is 1/3 mile long). It was sprinkling so we weren't able to star gaze, but at least it wasn't cold. The rest of the hour we spent in candle light. Unfortunately, all I had was a traditional candle - not soy or beeswax - but I've had it for years and didn't think it very green to go out and buy new candles just for the event. When the hour was over, hubby said he liked the quiet and it would have been fine with him if we continued to spend the evening in candle light. I happened to be near the end of a book and really wanted to finish it so I nixed the idea. I'm glad we were a part of the hour - I thought of it as a world-wide, rolling communion, with slivers of the earth going dark as time changed around the world. I'm sure we will be a part of it next year - and I'll try to get the word out to more people.

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