Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day ?

Ok, I've already lost track of the days of Lent, but I haven't succumbed to the call of the remote. Over the weekend I did something that seemed kind of un-Lent-like (not sure what word to use here) but it actually ended up reinforcing my decision to give up the news. Prior to my decision, I had scheduled a facial. Now, it's not something I do all that often (although I should). In fact, the salon owner tried to remember the last time she had seen me and I had to confess it had been YEARS! I didn't really need a facial but they feel sooooo good. This one lasted about an hour and a half, during which time she massaged my face, my scalp, my shoulders, my arms, and my hands. When I left, I was so mellow and relaxed. Then it hit me - watching or listening to the news would spoil the effect immediately. No way did I want to do that. Most mornings I wake up feeling relaxed from a good night's sleep and then I spoil it by turning on the TV or pulling up a news site on the computer. The mellow feeling that I had paid to get, I could get for free just by avoiding the news. When Lent is over, I plan to watch the news again - I can't just stick my head in the sand and pretend all is well. But maybe I'll be a bit more selective about what I allow into my life.

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