Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Tip for Today

Years ago I learned to save the packing peanuts and bubble wrap from packages and take them to a local "shipping/mailbox" store. You know, the places where you can have a package shipped through FedEx, UPS, etc., and they'll even wrap and pack items for you. Well, when I had to return a package recently, I got talking to the rep behind the counter. He told me that not only do they welcome packing peanuts and bubble wrap, they'll take used boxes as well. I was thrilled to hear this because, as you know, reusing is much better than recycling. So, instead of taking my corrugated cardboard boxes to the recycling bin, I'll take them in for reuse. Plus, they don't have to charge customers for boxes when they get used boxes. A win-win situation.

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