Friday, April 24, 2009

Major Step

This week I took a major step in my life, one which I'd been agonizing over for months. Finally, on Tuesday, I decided to go for it - I applied to grad school. The thought of doing research and writing major papers was kind of scary to me. I was approaching the idea as if I should already have knowledge of the topics I was to write about. Then I reminded myself that the whole idea of school is to learn new things - duh! In addition to just the idea of grad school being a bit overwhelming, I'm going into a whole new field - Human Services. The program I've applied to has a health concentration so I'll be in courses with nurses. However, after talking with my husband's cousin who is a Nurse Practitioner, I feel better about leaving my comfort zone. So, assuming I am admitted to grad school, come this fall, I'll be up to my ears in writing and research - and hopefully loving it!

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