Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Green Divas

As I've said in earlier posts, it's better to reduce our footprint on this earth, but we do live in the modern era and make a multitude of consumption decisions on a daily basis. When it comes to our *stuff*, once it's produced, it is still better to recycle than to send items to landfill. For all you green divas out there, I've discovered a couple of programs offered by eco-conscious cosmetics companies.

Aveda has started a program to recycle rigid bottle caps - the kind that come on water bottles, soft drink bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. You can bring the caps into their stores and they will ensure that the caps are recycled into new packaging. Go to http://aveda.aveda.com/aboutaveda/caps.asp for details.

Another company, Origins, is doing it's part to keep cosmetics packaging out of landfill. Bring any clean, empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars into an Origins store and they will be sent to be recycled or used for energy recovery. Find out more at http://www.origins.com/about/index.tmpl?page=recycle&cm_sp=Refresh-_-03-31-09%20Homepage%20Refresh-_-Return%20to%20Origins%20Recycling%20Program.

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