Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save Some Animals

This afternoon I received an urgent email from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine asking that emails to be sent to the president of North Dakota State University (NDSU) in order to save pigs from unnecessary torture and death. On Monday, April 27, NDSU, in partnership with MeritCare Hospital, will be using live pigs in a trauma training course. According to PCRM, 90% of trauma courses in the U.S. are taught using human-based simulators thus eliminating the cruel practice of cutting open live animals and then euthanizing them. In order to respond to this request, please go to this link. We only have four days to get out this message - time is of the essence.

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Lisa Sharp said...

How sad! I had no idea this happened so much. I knew they did it once on Grey's.