Friday, October 19, 2012

Farm Friday

As we get closer to winter, the days are getting shorter and shorter - and I find it difficult to get up as early as I do during the spring and summer.  Here's a few snapshots from around the farm:
Earlier this week I made a delicious dinner almost entirely from food raised on our farm:  roasted vegetables made up of eggplant, green peppers, red onions, grape tomatoes, and basil topped with crispy fried eggs, with a Saudi Arabian dish of okra in pomegranate syrup on the side.
I captured Bill giving some of the goats a treat of sweet feed this morning as the sun rose over the foggy pasture.
 The girls love their sweet feed - it's like candy to them - so Bill only gives them a taste.  See how they clamor around him to get their share.
 Miracle continues to blossom - and confound me.  She still doesn't recognize that her food comes from the bottle so I have to force the bottle on her.  She prefers to nuzzle my legs, as if that's where the food comes from.  I think the hypothermia may have affected her brain.  But I still love her.
My pineapple sage is having its last hurrah as it unfurls some scarlet blossoms.

It has been a busy time on the farm.  We have had to tend to some sick goats over the last couple of weeks.  One of our past patients, Eleanor, is back in sick bay and we're hoping another round of medication will do the trick.  On a positive note, we've had 19 kids born on the farm this month so it's a sight to see them all frolicking in the pasture.  


EcoGrrl said...

I love the first picture of him feeding the gals - so beautiful where you live!!

Big fan of pineapple sage - as are the hummingbirds in my 'hood. They had a banner year this year but man it's hard to revive them in the spring - bought some cloches this year to see if I can protect them better, as I lovvvve the smell :)

Rubye Jack said...

Your breakfast looks so good, and so healthy. It looks like you all lead somewhat of an idyllic life but I'm sure it is a heck of a lot of work. I came over from Teresa's, curious because you spell your name the same as my daughter's.