Friday, October 5, 2012

Farm Friday

Well, in just over a week's time, we've had 11 kids born on the farm.  Here's one of Bella's kids:
Last night I didn't sleep well as I heard coyotes in the distance.  I don't have anything against coyotes except for the fact that, given a chance, they kill kids.  When I woke around 4:00, I let out my trusty farm dog Ginny and she ran off barking.  I heard our guard dog Joey barking in the back corner of the barn pasture, where the kids live, so I knew he was on the job.  Here's Joey after his morning grooming session:
This morning we woke to find all kids (and mothers) healthy and alive so Joey did his job last night.  

We continue to be amazed by little Miracle as she now recognizes my voice and associates it with her bottle.  Yesterday we tried to reunite her with her mother Susie and sister Pam but, since in her mother's goat brain her second kid died, she didn't recognize Miracle as her own.  I did put one other kid in with Miracle this morning and hope they make friends so that she has someone to pal around with (that's Miracle on the left): 
We also have two sick kids in a barn stall.  We've been treating them since Sunday night and are hopeful that they will recover.  

Meanwhile, this man continues to keep the farm running:

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Teresa Evangeline said...

This is so beautiful, Cherie. What a wonderful work you are doing for the world, right there on your farm.