Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

A sugar bowl
Sugar sneaks into the most surprising places.  One of the biggest food scams is fat free food.  When a proceeded food product boasts that it is fat free, look closely and you will notice that the fat has been replaced with sugar.  People are also fooled into thinking what they are eating is healthy when, in fact, many so-called healthy foods are filled with sugar.  This article points out that the following healthy-sounding foods have unnecessary sugar:

1) almond milk/rice milk/coconut milk
2) peanut butter
3) tomato sauce
4) salad dressing
5) granola
6) yogurt

How to get around this?  Make your own!  Rice milk is extremely easy to make (and I've heard the same about almond milk).  Peanut butter should be nothing but ground peanuts and a bit of oil and salt.  Tomato sauce - cook up a batch using fresh, in season tomatoes from a farmers market.  Salad dressing recipes abound on the internet; the same goes for granola.  For yogurt, use plain yogurt with fruit and maybe a little bit of honey for a delicious dish.  Bon appetit!

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