Friday, August 24, 2012

Farm Friday

Our friend and intern Jude went back home on Wednesday to get ready for her next semester at school.  We will miss her cheerful attitude and the interesting conversations we had over meals and into the evening.

While she was here, Jude taught us much about Middle Eastern cooking and Saudi customs.  This is what happened to a corner of our kitchen while she was here:
Jude introduced us to all kinds of new spices and instructed us on the best tahini to buy.  She also gave us new ways to prepare some of the produce we grow here on the farm.  

I discovered a Middle Eastern market about an hour away and I took Jude there.  As we stepped in the door, I think she felt she had entered heaven as her face lit up and she promptly grabbed a basket and started shopping!  There we were able to find good quality spices, beans, and pita bread.  I think I'm going to get to know the store manager on a first name basis...

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Deanna said...

I hope you'll share some recipes!