Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wellness Wednesday - Or the Problem with Fast Food

The news has been interesting lately.  Seems a certain group of people have come to the conclusion that they are on a mission from God and that mission involves making one particular private fast food franchise chain even richer than it already is.  However, before running out to join the crowd consider this:

1)  Fast food is extremely unhealthy.  It is chock full of calories, fat, sugar, salt, and high fructose corn syrup.  Studies have linked the rise in fast food meals to the growing and dangerous obesity epidemic, especially among children.  And overweight and obesity are closely linked to a number of serious, chronic, and deadly diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

2) The business practice is bad for the environment.  Food packaged in disposable wrappers and cups, mainly plastic and styrofoam, contributes to our growing environmental crisis.  The packaging doesn't go away.  Instead much of it goes to landfills where it takes thousands of years to break down into chemicals that leach into the surrounding land and water supply.  Other packaging is likely to slowly find its way to one of five plastic "gyres" located in the world's oceans.

3) Factory-raised animals are the source of the meat, eggs, and cheese in those meals.  Factory animals are probably the most tortured creatures on the planet.  They spend their lives in miserable, filthy conditions, with little room to turn around or to engage in natural behaviors, like spreading their wings.  If dogs or cats were found in similar circumstances, there would be much public outcry and those found guilty would serve long prison sentences and pay hefty fines.  In addition, factory farms cause a variety of health problems for human beings.  Read some disturbing facts here.
So consider what you are really supporting when you purchase a meal at any fast food chain.  Purchasing or not purchasing a product will have zero impact on the social and political atmosphere.  Instead of spending your money on a fast food meal, why not buy a few groceries and donate them to your local food bank.  That will make a genuine difference to someone who really needs help - and you will be spreading some love while you're at it.

And I leave you with the following infographic:

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