Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simplify, Simplify...and Save the World

Optical microscope 5
The following list came from an article entitled "15 Distractions You Should Ditch" on MindBodyGreen.  As you read through the list, maybe you'll have the same reaction I did:  How much good could be done if we all followed the suggestions.  The article says we should ditch:
  1. Preoccupation with others
  2. Fixation with athletes
  3. Fascination with actors
  4. Adoration of musicians
  5. Pontification of lifestyle
  6. Addition to political issues
  7. Obsession with social media
  8. Addiction to television
  9. Apprehension about the past
  10. Trepidation for the future
  11. Occupation with technology
  12. Infatuation with your body
  13. Consumption of information
  14. Anxiety about money
  15. Fear of loving or losing love
All of these items prevents us from living life to the fullest, both for ourselves and for others.  A friend commented to me about how she sometimes spends all day at home, taking care of mundane tasks, and then it occurs to her, "I could have used the time to help someone."  It's good to occasionally examine what we do with the time given us - and find a way to use it for a higher calling.

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Deanna said...

"Consumption of information", hmm? Yeah, that one gets me.