Saturday, May 29, 2010

Satisfying Work

Today I put in a few hours of work for a worthy cause - the Humane Society.  Our local shelter held a fundraising yard sale to raise money to build a new facility.  Our current facility is very small and cramped.  Often, animals are euthanized due to lack of space.  However, this situation will change as the new facility will be a "no kill" shelter.  The local director and board believe that the larger facility, coupled with community education and the inexpensive spay/neuter clinic will ensure that no animal have to be needlessly euthanized.  The yard sale was successful in two ways - much needed funds were raised for the new facility and less fortunate individuals were able to buy items they could not have otherwise afforded.  One woman I spoke with was thrilled that towards the end of the sale, we were clearing everything out for $1 for all you can carry.  She said she was able to buy some nice blouses for church, something she desperately needed.  However, she wasn't going to pay the $1 asking price; she wanted to make a donation to the new shelter and said she was giving $5.  The widow's mite...

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