Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goat Update

Yesterday I learned that my diagnostic skills, as far as goat doctoring is concerned, leave something to be desired.  I realized I needed to have the vet come out to give the horse his annual vaccinations, so decided to have her come out as soon as possible to have her check my sick goat, Layla, as well.  Good news - turns out the goat does not have listeriosis but probably has an infection in her jaw which has left her weak and unable to walk.  More good news is that, although I had a completely wrong diagnosis, I have been giving her the appropriate dose of penicillin.  We're still not out of the woods as we still have a very ill goat on our hands.

We had another goat event last night.  Rhiannon gave birth to a pretty baby girl, Prudence.  Rhiannon was carrying twins but the other kid was still born.  This morning, mother and baby seemed well and happy.  I'll try to get some photos on the blog.

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