Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting My Act Together

It has been a crazy few months, what with all the snow and cold weather, the farm emergencies, having my college age children move back home for the summer, and my completing two classes towards my masters degree.  As a result, my housekeeping and ideals have suffered.  Now that most of the urgent things are behind me, I'm working on getting my house in order.  

Between The Fly Lady and the Holiday GrandPlan Yahoo group, I'm working on getting my house clean and organized from top to bottom.  I spent a good amount of time today in our basement, just getting rid of things that are no longer useful or are broken.  I joke that it was all causing bad karma; but really, I do know that all things have energy and all that excess energy was getting to me.

Another area I want to work on is making some of my own cleaners and cosmetics again.  I try to use nontoxic cleaners and natural care products and I already use a lot of baking soda and vinegar, but I need to go beyond that.  Some homemade products are super easy and easy on the health of people and the environment.  Having participated in the "Not a Cent for Lent" challenge, I started using up a lot of toiletries and cleaning products around the house and have become more aware of the actual cost in dollars as well.  So I've pulled out a couple of my trusty books and will start making things as I run out.  My two favorites are:  Earthy Bodies & Heavenly Hair by Dina Falconi for natural personal care products and Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan for nontoxic cleaners.

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Deanna said...

I am determined to get my house back in shape this summer. I even made the difficult decision to skip the vegetable garden this year in order to devote more time to the house. A friend offered to trade vegetables from her garden for our extra eggs so I'm taking her up on it. My state of mind is very much dependent upon my surroundings so this is something I have to do.

We should post progress reports. ;)