Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We've had a lot of drama around the house lately.  I have a house cat, Dixie, who has lived with us for about 11 years; she has always been in the house and was our very first pet after we had the children.  Dixie is a spoiled cat as she is allowed on all the furniture and sleeps with me.  

Then we have Ginny, my black lab whom I often refer to as my sidekick.  Ginny was supposed to be an outside dog but a number of years ago she injured her paw and had to have stitches.  Because we had snow on the ground at the time, I had to bring her into the house until she healed.  Over the years, she's been allowed in the house more and more.  At first, she was allowed in for a brief visit in the evenings; then when it rained.  She refuses to go in the garage, her dog house, the barn, or any of the numerous shelters on our farm, so she was so pitiful standing in the rain that I had to start letting her in the house.  Then I decided she needed to sleep in the house when it's very cold or rainy.  Now Ginny's pretty much in the house on a regular basis.  

Since she's a regular member of the household, I made a small bed for Ginny to sleep on.  Recently, I replaced that bed with one I bought plus put another one in my bedroom for when she's in overnight.  Enter the drama.  Dixie, who as I said is not only allowed on all the furniture, is allowed to sleep in my bed; the dog is not.  However, the cat has decided to take possession of both the beds, mainly when the dog comes in the house.  Sometimes I can almost see the wheels in her head turning when I let Ginny in the house.  Dixie might be across the room when I go to open the door for the dog, but by the time the Ginny is in the house, Dixie is in the dog bed.  Ginny would love to attack the cat, but she knows we frown on that kind of behavior, so she lets Dixie intimidate her.  This past weekend, we got home a bit late and I found the cat in the dog bed in our bedroom.  I swear Dixie knew that Ginny would be going to bed soon and wanted to make sure the dog didn't have a place to sleep.  Oh, the drama of it all...

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