Monday, May 24, 2010

Past Weekend and the Week Ahead

This past weekend was good but busy.  I attended a jewelry party given by a friend who is trying to support of friend of her's in her fledgling business.  I'm not a big direct sales/home parties person but I was glad to show support and enjoyed the company.  Saturday was spent at a mission expo/celebration put on by the local district of the Methodist church.  I had a table to represent Danita's Children and made a few contacts that I hope will be of benefit to the orphanage.  If my time led to just one child being sponsored, then it was worth it.  The celebration included a concert by the contemporary Christian/crossover band Mercy Me.  When I bought the tickets, I didn't think I was familiar with the group but I recognized the majority of their songs.  They put on a great show.  Sunday was church and then afterwards we had a great visit with friends who live about 1 1/2 hours away.  By the time we got home, the day was over.

Today I've been busy working on my To Do list.  Although it doesn't feel like I've gotten much done, I've crossed off a number of items.  One of my main chores was to get out my summer clothes and sort through everything, paring down my wardrobe to things I actually wear.  A few items I've been holding on to for sentimental reasons but realized how silly that is.  So I have several bags of clothes to donate.

The highlight of my day was talking on the phone to someone I consider to be a living saint.  Brenda is a missionary at Danita's Children and has the kindest, sweetest spirit of anyone I've ever known.  I'm honored that she considers me a friend and takes time out of her busy schedule to keep in touch with me.  

This week I had planned on taking a break but my calendar has filled with odds and ends - errands and chores to be done.  Living where we live, taking care of any business means driving at least an hour plus the time it takes to do the actual errand, which takes a chunk out of the day.  I'm also working on what a friend calls a "purge," getting rid of all the superfluous stuff that has accumulated in my life.   (I told my daughter I was purging and she thought I was announcing that I was bulimic!)  I'm trying to keep in mind a favorite quote of mine, by William Morris, as I attend to this project:  “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

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