Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wellness Wednesday

Here in the US, tomorrow is a big feast day - Thanksgiving. It's also the beginning of a season when our eating choices lead to end of the year weight gain. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the holiday without over doing it:

  • Don't treat the meal like an all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • Don't go to the main meal super hungry; make sure you eat your other meals.
  • Watch your portions.
  • Don't go back for seconds.
  • Drink water; often we mistake dehydration for hunger.
  • Limit the high fat items.
  • Slow down and savor your food.
  • Get active. Participate in a "turkey trot" run or go for a walk or a hike.
  • On Black Friday, start a new tradition. Take another walk or go hiking in a state or national park instead of going shopping.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I participate in "Buy Nothing Day" and you know that the fact that people refer to the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday and it ceases to simply be the day after Thanksgiving, well it just turns my stomach. I imagine marketing execs with smiles on their faces.

Enjoy moderation tomorrow.

Cherie said...

Shona, I was recently reading about how the Great Depression was triggered by an over production in goods. The long-term solution to avoid another such depression was marketing and advertising! Make people over consume and over production will never be a problem. Ugh.

April Michelle said...

I work in retail now. I have to work, but my family won't be visiting me at work this weekend. I'm also realizing how counter to our culture it is not to buy my kid crazy amounts of gifts. At least my kid is the happiest kid I have ever met.

David said...

Cherie, commercialization has indeed spoiled the meaning of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving used to be a time of reflection on how thankful we were and to celebrate that thankfulness with a dinner from the bounty of the land and garden. Today's culture overshadows that with the beginning of the Christmas buying frenzy. I personally have never participated in Black Friday buying.

Have a great Thanksgiving day celebration.