Friday, November 13, 2015

Farm Friday

The days are getting shorter and shorter, so we've been wrapping up our days earlier than during the summer. Even so, this week has been a full week for us. Here's a recap:

  • Attended Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Sustainable Agriculture Conference.
  • The farm was awarded Virginia Century Farm recognition..

  • It's kidding season here on the farm. Nellie had her babies - triplets! And only the second brown one born on the farm. Penney also had a cute little brown boy. Obviously, our new buck introduced some new genes into the herd. So far we have 10 baby goats - more to come.

Nellie and her new kids

  • Attended a vendors' training session at one of our farmers' markets.
  • Found a 6 pound chicken-of-the-woods mushroom. We're having it on pizza tonight.
  • Baked a loaf of crusty artisan bread this morning.
  • Continued to try new recipes and created a new dish.
  • Sewed 7 aprons and cut out 4 more in preparation for next week's craft show.

Have a great week!

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