Thursday, November 5, 2015

How Can We Feed the World?

That's a question I hear often. And the typical answer is that which has been promoted by Big Ag:  We need big farms using lots of chemicals to feed the world; small scale and organic is a luxury only for some. Yet the facts belie this answer. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that 80 percent of the world's food is produced by family farms. In fact, much of what Big Ag produces isn't feeding the US, much less the world. Large-scale farming typically grows food for animals or ethanol, not food for human beings. Plus, as this video points out, we already produce enough food to feed everyone. The problem is that we waste at least 30 percent of the food we produce. In the US, that figure is even higher - 40 percent.

So next time someone tells you that chemical-free, small scale farming isn't important, let them know the real facts.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing this video. Very powerful! Love your blog btw :)

Cherie said...

Laura, Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comment! :) Looking forward to checking out your blog, too. I'm hoping to do more with the blog over the winter months. It gets sadly neglected during the grown season.