Friday, November 6, 2015

Farm Friday

View just outside my home office window
This year I'm really noticing the subtleties of fall. Yesterday I realized that the leaves were starting to fall from the trees, covering parts of our driveway and leaving some of the trees bare. When I was out running errands I spotted lots of cars with leaves stuck to their hoods and roofs. Despite the changing landscape, the weather has been warm these past two days, reaching highs in the 70s. I suppose it's the last gasp before permanent cold weather settles in.

Here's a brief recap of the past week:

  • We had our last farmers' market of the year. It will reopen in January.
  • Added another day for deliveries to replace the farmers' market.
  • Thrifted a couple more lightweight sweaters to round out my cool season wardrobe.
  • Peeled and dried garlic and made garlic powder.
  • Voted in a local election.
  • Broccoli is coming in so I made a batch of broccoli soup.
  • Made a delicious stirfry with tatsoi, onions, carrots, and broccoli. Made a miso-based sauce to pour over it and served with egg noodles.
  • Had farm stay guests last weekend and last night.
  • Cleared my blog reader of over 1600 unread posts. I hated to do it but realized I would never get caught up. I'm hoping that this winter will give me more time to reconnect with other bloggers.
  • Spied a chicken of the woods mushroom growing in the usual spot. Yes!
    Keeping an eye on this chicken of the woods
  • Heard Daniel Pink speak about motivation. (I could spend my life going to lectures and conferences - I love filling my brain with good stuff.) Here's his TED Talk on the subject:


  • Continue to be amused by our cat, Fabs (now officially shortened from Mr. Fabulous).
Fabs napping in my office recycling bin

Have a great week!


David said...

Cherie, pretty interesting TED motivation talk. To me the biggest thing was that incentives don't work in today's work place. Working for one company for 41 years that was unionized, creativity was not promoted and only fair and equal for all was the driving force. There was no desire to be better than anyone else. The thirst for personal learning that still resides in me allowed me to become an excellent worker even though there was no extra pay for it. Unions, in my opinion, create an environment of only doing just what is asked to do and nothing more. New business concepts are going to be a hard sell to old companies that have been around for a long time.

The weather here is a bit unusually warm as well. The trees are confused and some are totally bare while others haven't started to turn yet. I have started the gardens cleanup. Today will be many small projects that have been neglected over the summer and grandson time with flying drones, flying helicopters, tuning guitar, and other things.

Have a great White Flint Farm day.

Cherie said...

David, we've had a few days that were warmer than usual, but tonight it will be returning to the typical November weather. We haven't started our heater yet but that will happen tomorrow. Fall and winter are good times to catch up on those little projects - I have a long list that I doubt I'll finish. Have a good week!