Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning Amusement

I couldn't resist this one; I really did laugh out loud when I saw it. The first questions most people ask upon learning I'm a vegetarian (and occasional vegan) is "how do you get protein." I think this answers it quite well:

Now to get a bit serious:  Americans do not suffer from protein deficiency. When you see children in places like Haiti with red-tinted hair and distended bellies? THAT is a protein deficiency. Americans? We have an animal protein excess which leads to chronic conditions such as cardio-vascular disease. We've turned meat into the centerpiece of our meals; instead, produce and whole grains should be. So, don't forget: plants have protein.

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David said...

Cherie, it is amazing how little people know about food in today's culture. The concern today is more about taste, flavor, and texture, than about nutrition. Processing kills just about any good thing in food. I was amused at a church meeting when we got into the discussion about the health food that one of the people brought. It was a relish tray with celery, cherry tomatoes, carrot bites, and broccoli. Everyone was so proud of healthy eating until I mentioned that it was all negated by using the dip that came with the veggie tray. It wasn't a very popular comment. It's true though that folks ruin even healthy food by lathering it up with some kind of dip or sauce to enhance the flavor. The flavor buds of our culture have been so stimulated that the subtle flavors of real food are bland. It's really hard to convince people to give up the taste bud stimulation.

Have a great vegetable protein day.