Friday, March 20, 2015

Farm Friday

This week in bullets:

  • We viewed the movie "Fresh" at Liberty University and heard our friend Jason Fowler speak afterwards. The program was hosted by the Liberty University Garden. They're doing a great job educating the students and community about sustainable gardening/farming.
  • Attended a class on high tunnel crop production (high tunnels are unheated greenhouses).
  • Spoke at a homeschool group meeting on the why's and how's of small space gardening.
  • Started up our deliveries (pork and eggs).
  • Continued working with Grace & Main as part of the planning team for the urban farm.
We had a very sad day this week when we said goodbye to our billy goat Johnny. Johnny fathered almost 300 kids here on the farm. Although people think billy goats are mean, Johnny was one of our sweetest, gentlest goats. He was very old for a billy goat but it was still sad to see him go and he will be greatly missed.

 Here's Johnny in his younger years - we called this expression the "I smell girl" look:

And here's Johnny dressed up for Christmas (see what a good sport he was):
Have a great week!

1 comment:

David said...

Cherie, very sad news about Johnny. He had a good home and lived a good life up to the end. His life was a surprise gift right from the beginning and to be a great asset to the homestead was very special. I'm sure he will be remembered by you and Bill.

I am amazed at how community minded you both are. Most homesteaders just want to drop off the grid but you are both interested in educating people about food. It's refreshing to see that some is actually doing something about the declining food situation instead of just talking about it. Keep up the good work. My realm of influence really doesn't want to talk about it much and they think that part of my life is a little strange.

Have a great farm day.